Thursday, March 31, 2005

Why I'm Here Instead of UConn

A friend of mine attending the Avery Point Campus at the University of Connecticut (13 minutes driving distance) and I frequently get into not-so-heated political discussions. He's the kind of student who thinks along the same line as InstaPundit, without all the blended puppies and would probably love the Neo-Libertarian mag currently on display at QandO

Earlier today he asked me "If something like the New Deal that was set up allowed McCarthy to pretty much do what he wanted why would he want to impugn it?" My antennae perked up immediately. When McCarthy is mentioned in a history class, the results tend to be not good.

I couldn't think of an answer, so I just responded "Because it was an economic disaster?" (Which it was, of course)

But no, that wasn't what the question was about. The question was: "Name three problems with McCarthy and his followers." (emphasis mine) - Followers? McCarthy had his own cult now? Ah, yes - the McCarthyites, cultists who wanted the Communists out of the State Department and the rest of the Government (don't get me started on Henry Wallace). He had to explain why McCarthy was a hypocrite. (Jeff Goldstein might be the only one who could get an A+ on this assignment, BECAUSE OF THE HYPOCRISY, of course)

I asked him what he had already written the benefits were. He told me "We weren't asked about that." As I suspected. McCarthy is nothing but a force for evil, of course. It shouldn't have come as a surprise, then, when he remarked that she once snapped at a student for saying that welfare "was useless." Not a good sign. I'm working contacts and could get an interview with this student as early as Saturday. Sadly, I cannot find any information on the teacher, a Dr. Steenburg - I can only find her last two articles, and they are not linked. Perhaps I can find one in the library. She teaches Child Law , US History, and Maritime History (among other things, I think) And perhaps we can order her A Patriot's History of the United States, by Schweikart.

*As for the pervert-Teacher case, I'm still waiting for the student to get online so we will be able to draft a letter to the department chair. That's probably also coming Saturday.

Enjoy the Baba Gannouj, and don't rest until your teachers stop telling you how to think!

Server Issues?

Blogger's being a complete pain today. (Maybe many people are simultaneously blogging about the same thing [if so, curious as to what it is?], or not) Note the double post of my 1:36 endeavour. Irritating little thing. And no, don't tell me to switch to MT 3.15, because I tried it out and it just confuses me all to smurf.

I found a lot of stuff to say all of a sudden, so if there are no posts until 4/2, then it's all Blogger's fault.

I would also like to mention something else regarding the Horowitz story. Don't you think today is a little close to some other certain day that happens to fall on the first of April? (Please, do not forget this is tomorrow. People around me always do and are ALWAYS sorry)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Merits of Academic Professionalism

Okay, my physics teacher was mentioned in my first ever post here. Here is his website. Or at least should be. If the link is wrong, tell me. Go ahead and visit. He likes visitors, and you should see some of the stuff he did in his younger days.

Getting a PhD from Princeton is no easy task, I'll say that, whether the year is 1961 or 2005. However, there's a couple problems with his teaching style nowadays that I don't exactly want to link to age, but I think it could afford to be looked at.

He was hired in 1962. What's so special about that? It's not that it means he's 70, but it means he was hired before the Vietnam war really got started up. Thus, by the time it really got around to the teach-ins and sorts, he already had tenure.

Why is Dr. Kim so different? He spends the first fifteen minutes of class talking nothing but conservatism. (My favorite quote of his - "The Russians, they used to think they had the best system in the world, but they were just silly. Silly silly Commies. Silly, yes? Very good."

"Hey!" You say - "That's pretty cool, not to have a leftist indoctrinator brainwashing your classmates!" But I say "Hey! I'm paying 13,000 dollars a semester for classes like physics!" The man is a self-described "Freedom-loving person", but that's not what his job is. When a class is 50 minutes, and less than half of it is spent on actual physics, and then 80 percent of the class scores less than a 70 on his exam, there's a problem.

This is an actual quote from one of his lectures:

Okay, the next is electricity. You should know how to sum up a field and force. Do you know the difference between field and force, yes or no I am telling you not to move, but you move. You always do what I tell you not to. Then force is what. Q and Iznit, yes or no, c’mon. Do you remember this problem here? This is A. A, and this is what, V, Iznit? We have a charge, Okay. If the charges are the same, what happens, c’mon. Force will add up, Iznit? In what way, c’mon. This force is coming this way and this force is coming this way, Iznit? So what happens, c’mon. Tell me, please tell me what happens. I am not going to tell you in the exam, what happens, c’mon. How would you add? Vector sum. How would you do the vector sum. Yeah, triangle. What happens to vertical components, cancel out? Horizontal components add. How many of you remember this as a homework problem. The problem also called for the reading. It’s the same problem. Logic dictates that it’s the same. Very very good. Yeah, we will have this kind of problem, and you had a lot of exercises about charges in a vector field.

That's basically how every single lecture goes, except during this quote, he actually tried to teach us something. It's easy to see how we can all be failing his exams. Now, I don't know what to do about this, but I really needed to rant on the subject. If I had been the only one to fail (okay, score lower than 70 percent) on the exam, I'd account it to my lack of studying (though I studied rather often). But when about 4 of 5 people are failing it, then there is something amiss.


After reading The Puppy Blender's link to Townhall and UNCW professor Mike Adams, I figured I had to share this story which had me rather disturbed.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that this blog is in general very critical of lawsuits and lawyers (sorry, Oddybobo, but when you're a judge that'll be no problem, will it? ^_^), but sometimes I'm informed of something that I just find downright disturbing that I would hope DOES result in some sort of suit, or at least dismissal.

I've been around looking for jobs in different school districts across the country recently, and speak with students around the country about different vacancies in the system and general needs that the educators need to emphasize. Recently I spoke with a 16-year old female from the Philadelphia region who is exceedingly intelligent, but has enough personal problems to place her in danger of failing and the usual Saturday detention.

She was going over her daily schedule, and mentioned that one of her male friends was having a discussion with one of the teachers holding the detention, a mathematics educator aged about 24 and 25. She managed to catch the teacher and her friend discussing her behind her back, and what caught my eye was that, without even pausing for reaction, casually stated that she heard the teacher say "Yeah, I'd like to bone her too." And then she continued on her description of the day without even missing a beat.

I stopped her. Aren't teachers' supposed to be models of professionalism? 24 or not, this was highly inappropriate. She made an off-hand remark that he used to pat her on the head in the past when she sat in the front of the class and frequently calls her "Cute" and "Adorable". Seemingly complimentary at first, how many of you trust men in their late teens to mid-twenties to only be thinking that when they speak about a female? C'mon now. (Sorry, Frank J...)

She sits in the back of the class now, which is a good start, but it also signifies something else. Now, even though I can't stand how the current sexual harassment laws are written, they are the law, so we have to abide by them. Surprisingly, I cannot find a sexual harrasment policy on their website, though I would assume their student handbook would have one. It would probably include the oft-repeated phrase "Hostile Work Environment" though. I'd bet money on that. If someone has to move to the back of the class in order to avoid being flirted with/hit on/ the like, does this qualify? I'm sure hundreds of thousands of feminists not reading this blog would cry "Yes!"

In steps the wonderful Volokh. Read that piece. Being Volokh, it's lengthy, but an excellent read. So if it doesn't fit the wonderful definition of harrassment, what does it matter?

Well, further prodding revealed that "Meh, this happens all the time", and "I've just learned to ignore it." Apparently not if she had to move to the back of the class. In my thirteen years in grade school, I never saw any harrassing of this type occur, but when I was in eighth grade, a (rather dubious) harrassment of this very sort occurred, the offending teacher was fired in four days. What really got me was that she had basically desensitized the entire ordeal. This is not how I remember feminists.

So what happens with this guy? Does he continue teaching for another 20-odd years and continue to flirt with 15 or 16 year old girls? Do we REALLY want that to happen? We've certainly busted several women teachers in the past year for having sex with male students. Thankfully this situation hasn't degraded to that, but what happens when a guy finally does get caught again? How far does the head roll? And will it be this guy? Do we wait and find out? Now, I can't exactly reveal any information (such as which of the 50 Philly-area high schools it is) just yet, but if things do in fact continue on this route, I may have to go against my masculinist roots and call the irritating feminists into action. Sure, I may be a hypocrite, but you never really notice until it's your friend on the receiving end of it, now do you?

Monday, March 28, 2005

Return to Normalcy

Okay. The blog has not been updated since 3/18/05. I'm sorry. Firstly, I was visiting my family back up in Connecticut (yes, I'm so elite!), and then suffered a relapse of the malady that had been plaguing me for about two weeks.

So I was down and out for about three days when suddenly my left ear went absolutely berserk. The doctors put me on amoxicillin, and then augmentin, neither of which really did anything. By the time my ear had finished hurting, I had only about 50 to 70 percent of my maximum hearing left in it. At 18, already with 20-130 vision, that's not exactly something I need.

So after that, I found out I was/am failing two of my classes. That's uber-f*cking stupendous, isn't it? Especially when one of them is physics, which I have done all of my work in. How I'm failing that is absolutely beyond me. And chemistry - well, I could have seen it coming. It's just not a course I feel is necessary for me to be taking.

By the end of spring break I had become/was still single and not lovin' it. It was always a rather complicated situation, but I guess it's not any more. Meh. I'm only 18, I'll live.

But like I said, it wasn't exactly a terrific spring break. But now I'm back, relatively healthy, re-focused, and ready to kick something into high gear or at least kick its behind. I may have missed the entire Sorta-Pundit/basil blogwar, and may have lost half of my daily readership, but I'll bring it back. I may have missed the entire collapse of the Kyrygzstan government, but I'll get bak on the tape. Give me two more months.

This is a declaration of the return to normalcy. The Babaganoosh cannot be defeated - he can only be contained, and even then, one plays with fire.

Hear me, world? Bring it on.

Update (3/30/05): Thanks to any readers who actually recognize where "Not nostrums, but normalcy" comes from. Come to think of it, thanks to any readers who actually came back. ^-^

Friday, March 18, 2005

A Blog War

If you haven't already heard, basil's blog war with Sortapundit has taken a new twist. Apparently, the Ohio midget strippers term and the Jamie Spears term have both fallen (I'm not typing them out to prevent me from accidentally putting MYSELF up on the list)

However, since Basil and Oddybobo are two of my three blogparents (please, for the love of all that is good and chewy, do not ask), ties ask that I at least give a little aid, though I have no desire to be "against" the Sortapundit.

I could be a tad mischievous (sp?), however.

Penguin Porn
Murdered Hobos
Giant Flaming Wombats

That is all. I have to catch the 4:05 train to Boston now, so see ya all Saturday! ^_^

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Another Set of Musings

I'm tempted to make this into a category, but I have to still categorize everything from today back until March 12.

Point One: As someone 1/4 Irish, allow me to say Happy St. Patrick's day. You know what? Happy St. Patrick's day to all of America. To paraphrase and degrade what the World Body claimed on 3/11, "We're all Irish now" ^_^ (well, Captain Ed might want to question Sinn Fein in that case, but they're the exception)

Blogging will be rather light up until Saturday morning. I'm kind of going on vacation, but not exactly. You see, Spring Break technically starts at noon Friday and I'm headed back home. It's a 6 hour train ride (which usually takes closer to 8), and I'll be in sometime Friday night. Yep. Back to Connecticut. I wonder if mAss Backwards can point me towards any other Conn-servatives. I'll check later.

Good to see the Terps won last night (85-72, over Oral Roberts). They had a 7-game advantage on us, including 9 in the win column, and we still beat them. Makes you wonder "Did they throw the season?" Or maybe it doesn't.

Anyway, before I get to the light blogging, however, I have to respond to The Alliance's new Precision Guided humor assignment. Look for that between now and 5 PM. I have to write up a Cell Bio 230 Lab Report (due in 5 hours), and then I'll be right on it.

Post-script: Happy birthday to my mother. She's 48 born on this day in 1957 as young as ever. Happy birthay, mom!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

More Random Crap

Sorry for the utter lack of updates yesterday: I suffered a relapse in my cold/flu illness thing. I haven't been this sick since I left Connecticut. Throwing up, coughing my spleen out, runny and stuffy nose simultaneously while still bleeding... oy gevault. I loathe sickness. Thankfully I've finally started to come down with a fever, which is a sign that your body finally realizes that "Hey - something's not right". To make matters worse, my top two wisdom teeth decided to join their bretheren in the "let's piss off this guy" contest. Urgh.

Speaking of Connecticut, I have to get off my lazy rear-end and trek down to Union Station to get my train ticket to go back. Amtrak charges a freakin' arm and leg for those things. 204 dollars for a round trip? Jeebus Crispies, as they like to say nowhere.

I'm looking for a good graphing program that can do 3-d graphs. I think I may have stumbled upon something, but don't have the tools to investigate it. But now we know that everything that is comprehendable by humans can be mathematically modeled.

Still sick as a dog. Sick sick sickity sick. The fact that I'm already 0-1 in the NIT is NOT helping.

Rockies won again. That's good, despite the fact that it's still Spring Training.

Bulls are 32-28. Just got to stay ahead of those blasted Pacers.

I'll get to posting things in a bit - how about you just sit back and enjoy "teh 1337 gannouj"

Update: No, my rants on biology were in fact not inspired by Kristol's writing on environmentalism that apparently came out the day before. I'm just seeing them as we speak. I don't believe environmentalism is dead yet - hopefully by 2013.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Obligatory Quiz Results Post 2

Official Survivor
Congratulations! You scored 73%!
Whether through ferocity or quickness, you made it out. You made the right choice most of the time, but you probably screwed up somewhere. Nobody's perfect, at least you're alive.

The Zombie scenario survival test - found off ASV

All I have to say is... take that, Zombie Shakespeare!

What is your weird quotient? Click to find out!

18 percent of the populace is more normal, and 72 percent is more weird. Somehow, I don't think that's right...

The Tickle Brainteaser Test:
you answered 23 out of 30 questions correctly!

Congratulations! Your score is in the 91st percentile. This means that if one hundred people took the test with you, your score would rank higher than 90 of them on average.When we analyzed your test, we also discovered that when it comes to quantitative ability, you measure in the
83rd percentile. This score indicates you have unusually strong abilities when it comes to solving numerical problems. If there is a numerical pattern to be found, you'll find it. You've got a knack for noticing when something "isn't right." Whether you're conscious of it or not, you have an ability to simply understand when something doesn't add up. Also, when it comes to splitting the check, doing taxes, or determining the number of fans in a baseball stadium, you're the one people turn to.

General IQ test (

Image hosted by

Well, that's about 45 points lower than when I took the test at age 8. Disappointing.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Random Notes, Musings

I am rather sick. This is only the second time I've been ill here since August. I've taken I think 10 ibuprofen, 6 excedrin and 15 acetaminophen/aspirins. I don't have a headache anymore, but I've still got a stuffy/runny nose (don't you HATE that?), and I'm wheezing a lot. It's not exactly a fun time to be doing anything, but I have to get to posting my brackets tonight.

I dunno. I'm pretty sure I won't go 31-2 again this year in the first round, but my 1-4 record in the Terrapins last 5 games is surely not normal either.

I also had a strange hallucination or something this morning. Once again, I dunno.

I'd like to wish my brother a happy birthday today. He's 17. Just 15 more months of school left, kiddo. ^_^ (I've never called him that ever)

Enjoy the baba gannouj, but don't share, because if I eat any of it, my stomach will mutiny. <(>_<)>

Saturday, March 12, 2005


...I have absolutely no idea how to use those things. Any assistance (i.e, a link to a tutorial or something) would be appreciated. I just can't figure it out. <(>_<)>

By the way, I'd like to announce that my first google referral came from someone looking up "Scotsman". I intend on getting stranger results than that in the future.

21 Things That Make Me Smile

I got the idea from the wonderful Oddybobo, resident of Pittsburgh "Why do they let Cowher still coach there?", Pennsylvania, and also from A list of things that you love, make you happy, or that you're grateful for. I also thought I should do something to reminisce over my younger brother's birthday - which is tomorrow. He'll be 17. And I won't be 19 until May.

These are not necessarily in any order other than the order I thought of them.

1. I'm glad I was born in the United States, and that I am an American. I've been given an opportunity that approximately 6.1 billion people don't have and most likely never will. I intend to use it to the fullest.

2. I am glad I was raised right. My parents were rather lax in the early years, but when I was six, I had hit a young girl who was playing the game of "Give the boys cooties" or whatever the hell it was. From that day forward, my parents imbued me with a sense of "This is right", and "This is wrong."

3. Still on the topic of my parents, It makes me happy that they are still together. They will be celebrating their 30th anniversary on August 26, 2006. Though they weren't exactly married in ideal circumstances, they've made it last 30 years. Nothing ruins a child's hopes and dreams like a divorce. Nothing. Even though I haven't told them so since I was 11 (I'm actually tearing up forcing myself to write this next phrase), I love my parents to death and wouldn't trade the lessons learned during my childhood for the world. I hope they know that. They'll never read this, but I feel so much better just writing it.

4. I'm thankful that the rest of my family is terrific too. At almost any given time, I can call up my younger brother, or my older brother (who is 28), and have an hour-long chat. I'm also thankful that my sister-in-law is so cool, despite the fact she's a Red Sox and Patriots fan. (Hey, at least it's not Duke)

5. I'm glad that my family can afford to send me to a public university out of state. I'm allergic to several types of plant and animal life back home, and I have never felt healthier than I have down here at the University of Maryland. (go Terps! ^_^) No one on my father's side of the family has ever received a bachelor's degree in anything.

6. I'm incredibly happy that I know how to read, and that I know how to write. They say that between 2 and 3 billion people can't do either. That's rather disconcerting.

7. I'm happy that one of my first memories was the fall of the Berlin wall. I suppose that set a tone of things to come.

8. I'm happy that, even though it's Spring Training, the Rockies are 8-2. This is the last time I'm going to see them six games over .500 for a long time, I think. <(>_<)>

9. I'm happy because I can count 80 names on my buddy list, 35 of whom are guys. That's 35 prospective pallbarers (sp?) when I need them. ^_^ (okay, that was morbid)

10. I'm glad that my blog gets between 10 and 15 visitors a day that aren't me. I have no idea how that works. I'm also happy because my other website (for cartoon/anime/sound of their own voice loving high-schoolers and college students) gets between 20 and 25 unique visitors a day that aren't me. Sure, those don't sound like a lot, but blog for 3 months (I've only been at it 3 weeks), and that's 1000 people. What can I say? I'm an attention-monger.

11. I'm thankful I was taught the value of marriage, family, love, and morality. I still cling to the (extremely) old fashioned view that sexual intercourse is an intimate act supposed to be shared only between people who love each other. What can I say? For that matter, how many college students do you know who say that?!

12. I'm happy that I finally convinced myself to confess to myself (didja get that) that there's a little lady back home that I really do care about. It doesn't matter (well, it does to an extent) how she feels, but the fact that I was able to finally tell myself that I care makes me feel good. I'll probably be over her by the start of the next school year, but that's the way it goes. And hey, if she's not a conservative, it'll be even faster.

13. I'm glad I'm "secure in my masculinity". Let's just say I have no qualms at playing Dr. Frank N. Furter and leave it at that. ^_^

14. I'm happy because I possess the knowledge to play a musical instrument, and I have a nice singing voice (I was ranked #48 out of 1750 high school tenors in my state in 2004, btw - ^_^)

15. I'm happy that 61.6 million people made the right choice on November 2nd. I am a night-owl, so I stayed up to watch the results. When Ohio was called for Bush (Alaska was obviously in Bush's column) bringing his total to 269 and securing a victory, I was talking to my older brother on the phone. My cheering woke up the entire household. That was the happiest I had been in eight months. I'm also happy that I was one of the 61.6 million.

16. I'm thankful I'm male. No offense to the ladies reading, but I don't have to go through menstrual or labor. That makes me a happy person. (8D <=== me happy)

17. I'm happy that, even though I have really crappy vision (worse than 20/130), I was not hit with any number of myriad diseases that hits the population on a daily basis. The fact that I can walk is an addendum to this.

18. I'm glad we have the US military around. We wouldn't be the land of the free if we weren't already the home of the brave.

19. I'm glad I chose not to end it all back in 2003. Suicide is for quitters, and I was always taught never to quit. It was simple high school angst. Because I was so sheltered, I had never seen anything like it before (I didn't actually have any designs on any females until I was 16). I had thoughts, and cut up my right arm rather badly, but I never was able to go through with it, because I kept telling myself I was missing out on 45 years of life by doing it. That's the reason I have no tolerance for cynical, woe-is-me Neo-Gothika teenagers who love the color black, the darkness, and write poetry about death. Grow. The. F*ck. Up. I did. You can too. Knowing that I survived that phase makes me happy.

20. I'm glad I have a best friend that worries about me. He's a great guy, despite his occasional streaks of dim-wittedness. I dunno where I'd be without him.

21. If you're reading this, I'm glad you are. That makes me happy, and I'm thankful you took the time out of your day to do so. You're terrific.

Friday, March 11, 2005

We Have Categories

Yes, indeed. We have categories. It only took me 4 hours to figure out how they work, and I'm fixing them up as we speak. Hooray.

Update: 8:55 PM - Categorization complete. For now.

Now this can revert to being an open thread. Have fun, peoples, and enjoy the baba gannouj! ^_^

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Obligatory Quiz Results Post 1

The Idiot Test

I am 27% Idiot.
Ain't Too Bright
I ain't too bright. But all those other idiots annoy the hell out of me. I may not be the brightest bulb in the bunch, but at least I know my limits.
(found thanks to Acidman, who's only 15% idiot, according to the quiz) ^_^

The Gematriculator
This site is certified 62% GOOD by the Gematriculator

More good than evil, but still got a large chunk of evil. I can't remember where I found this, but I remember the site was linked to by Liberal Larry's blamebush. I can't remember what site it was though.

World's Smallest Political Quiz

I would fall under the conservative banner (as do seemingly a disproportionate number of bloggers, with leanings closer to libertarian than statist. Well, I did cast a vote for congressman Simmons of Connecticut (R, 2nd district), who I like, but it seems to me that he only ran on the Republican ticket because he'd never be elected running as a Libertarian, which I feel is closer to his actual views (by analyzing his voting record and such)

Dante's Inferno Test:

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Fourth Level of Hell!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Low
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Very High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Very High
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very Low
Level 7 (Violent)Moderate
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Once again, my conservative greedy avariciousness shows through. ^_^

Personality Disorder Test
Personality Disorder Test Results
Paranoid |||||||||||||| 54%
Schizoid |||||||||||||||| 82%
Schizotypal |||||||||||||| 54%
Antisocial |||||||||| 38%
Borderline || 10%
Histrionic |||||||||||| 42%
Narcissistic |||||| 26%
Avoidant |||||||||||||| 54%
Dependent |||| 14%
Obsessive-Compulsive ||||||||||||||| 66%
Take Free Personality Disorder Test
personality tests by

Makes sense. I've been told I exhibit schizoid qualities before (schizophrenia is closer to schizotypal than schizoid, if I'm not mistaken, so don't worry). I'm surprised I scored that high on the OCD part. I have no idea what "Histrionic" means.

When I find more quizzes and such, I'll post them here.

Sunday, March 06, 2005


This is a test post from

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Mozilla Firefox

Just downloaded 1.0.1, to see how it differs from Internet Explorer. It's a bit slower, but there's a noticeable decline in the myriad popups. So far, it looks like it could be an improvement. Update tomorrow/later today, seeing as it's already 12:35 and I didn't notice.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Open House, Other Musings

It's Prospective Student open house here at the University of Maryland. It really doesn't seem like that long ago that I was in the same position (okay, it's only been 11 months, but still). Already you've got the up-and-comers asking the people my age "what's what" on campus. How quick time flies once you leave high school.

Four items of note.

1) After IMAO, Gut Rumbles, run by Acidman is the funniest blog out there.

2) Speaking of Acidman, he linked to a post by Skippy that ever self-respecting male over the age of 18 should read.

3) Still on the GutRubmles tangent: I, for one, am wishing for the best for Acidman and his mama.

4) Working on a Celebrity Jeopardy! as we speak.

That is all. Please enjoy the baba gannouj, and don't feed the animals. Except Right Wing Duck. You can feed him.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Genuinely Nice Thing

Well, yesterday was not exactly what I would have called a "good" day. More like a mediocre one. After my computer went on the fritz, I was finally able to get back online at 12:04 AM. And while checking to see if any websites that I normally visit were updated, I noticed that this place had been blogrolled by basil's blog. That cheered me up instantly. I wasn't in any sort of "stop blogging" mood (it's only been a week - come on!), but when you get that first link, it's a good feeling. Anybody else who's thinking of starting up their own blog will agree, as will most anyone who remembers when they started off too.

I'll stop before this sounds even more like a "My first time" skit. We've got enough of those already. New "Celebrity Jeopardy" by the end of the week!