Saturday, April 02, 2005

XML, RSS now Available?

Alright, Ogre, thanks to your tips, I've installed the Feedburner/XML thing. I don't know if that's all I need to work the programme, but if any of the readership (especially you, reader that's dialing up from Singapore!) use XML, could you tell me if it works, and if not, what else I need to do? Thanks.

[I need to not post any more today]

Oops: (6:25 AM) I almost forgot. The feed address is actually, as opposed to the name of this actual website. Guess I broke my vow of not posting in less than ten minutes. Way to go me. Stupid addicting blogosphere.

Update (6:33 AM): Speaking of the stupid addicting blogosphere and website statistics, Sitemeter tells me that for the first time, people have been referred to this site from 13 different time zones. Mwa ha! What a pervasive influence I have...