Tuesday, March 15, 2005

More Random Crap

Sorry for the utter lack of updates yesterday: I suffered a relapse in my cold/flu illness thing. I haven't been this sick since I left Connecticut. Throwing up, coughing my spleen out, runny and stuffy nose simultaneously while still bleeding... oy gevault. I loathe sickness. Thankfully I've finally started to come down with a fever, which is a sign that your body finally realizes that "Hey - something's not right". To make matters worse, my top two wisdom teeth decided to join their bretheren in the "let's piss off this guy" contest. Urgh.

Speaking of Connecticut, I have to get off my lazy rear-end and trek down to Union Station to get my train ticket to go back. Amtrak charges a freakin' arm and leg for those things. 204 dollars for a round trip? Jeebus Crispies, as they like to say nowhere.

I'm looking for a good graphing program that can do 3-d graphs. I think I may have stumbled upon something, but don't have the tools to investigate it. But now we know that everything that is comprehendable by humans can be mathematically modeled.

Still sick as a dog. Sick sick sickity sick. The fact that I'm already 0-1 in the NIT is NOT helping.

Rockies won again. That's good, despite the fact that it's still Spring Training.

Bulls are 32-28. Just got to stay ahead of those blasted Pacers.

I'll get to posting things in a bit - how about you just sit back and enjoy "teh 1337 gannouj"

Update: No, my rants on biology were in fact not inspired by Kristol's writing on environmentalism that apparently came out the day before. I'm just seeing them as we speak. I don't believe environmentalism is dead yet - hopefully by 2013.